Medical and Dental Collections

One of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of any business is debt collection. You operate your business with the intention of delivering a high-quality service or product and expect people to pay you in a timely fashion. When that doesn't take place, you then need to invest time, effort and funds into collecting those debts. In some cases, it can be as simple as sending out an invoice or arranging a payment plan. In cases where patients do not return your phone calls, fail to respond to your messages or letters, continue to come up with excuses as to why they cannot make a payment, and do not adhere an agreed upon payment schedule, you will need another tactic. I know that when it comes to medical and dental collections the time you have to spend trying to collect past due funds is time spent away from delivering the services you need to maintain your bottom line, and to serve your patients.

If you are struggling with medical and dental collections the Law Offices of Alden B. Smith are here to provide you with the legal representation and debt enforcement help you need. Rather than contacting a debt collection agency, who may end up alienating patients or cause them to turn to bankruptcy instead of getting you the money you are rightfully owed, my team and I have the knowledge and expertise needed to get you real results. My firm goes far beyond the typical debt collection attempts. From debt negotiation all the way to litigation, my firm and I are committed to working aggressively on your behalf to meet your financial objectives.

Contact my firm and schedule an appointment to discuss medical or dental collections with a skilled New York debt collection attorneytoday.